Metal Midnight Release Party! 8/14/17


Negative Flash, Dark Nights Metal Party 8/7/17


New Pokemon Sun & Moon #3 Releases This Friday! 7/31/17


New Power Rangers Comic, HeroClix restock, etc. 7/24/17

Midnight Party, New Overstreet Price Guide! 7/15/17



New Magic: Hours of Devastation Released Friday! 7/8/17

Closed for 4th of July, Open Monday…. 6/1/17



Rick and Morty visit Captain Comics in June! 5/15/17


Free Comic Book Day info, new Magic: Amonkhet 4/28/17


What Is a Box Customer?

Comic book fans!


Box customer

Have you ever heard the term “box customer” and wondered what the heck we are talking about? If you haven’t yet found out, I’m here to help. Being a box customer is the best way to track your favorite stories without ever missing an issue. It’s a mailbox subscription service right here in our own store.  (more…)


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