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Box customer

Have you ever heard the term “box customer” and wondered what the heck we are talking about? If you haven’t yet found out, I’m here to help. Being a box customer is the best way to track your favorite stories without ever missing an issue. It’s a mailbox subscription service right here in our own store. 

To sign up, you will pay a $20 one time refundable deposit. You must pick up your books at least once a month. If you would like us to hold books longer than that you will need to pay another deposit.

If any books are left in your box for more than a month, we will likely not pull the next issue for you. If no previous arrangements are made and we notice there has been no activity in your box for 2 months, we have the right to cancel your box and the deposit will be forfeited.

When you sign up for a box subscription you’ll provide us a list of all the titles you want pulled. There is no minimum or maximum amount. Changes can be made to your list at any time. To cancel a title we will need 30 days notice. So you might receive one or two more issues before we can remove the title from your list completely.

Box customers are obligated to purchase all of the books that are pulled based off of your title list. If you sign up for a title and do not purchase the book, your deposit will be forfeited. Now, let’s looks at some of the perks of being a box customer.

Box Customers Will Receive

There are many perks to being a box customer. Here is a list, I’ll try not to forget anything.

  • Never miss an issue! You don’t have to race down to the store Wednesday morning anymore.
  • Reduced chance of damage. Since your books go straight from the counter to your mailbox you won’t risk damage from sitting on the shelf.
  • Receive a 10% discount on all comic book supplies.
  • Receive a 20% discount on back issues in the downstairs bins. (This discount makes some comics under cover price!)
  • 15% discount on ALL trade paperbacks and hard covers. Woo hoo!
  • Exclusive offers. For example, the first day of our annual Anniversary Sale is exclusive for box customers only.

If you want your deposit returned, simply give us a 30 day cancel notice. After that 30 days you will need to pick up any books in your box and then you will receive the deposit back. You can even use the deposit on those last few books (if there are any).

We have almost 400 box customers at this point and we do our best to treat them all like #1. If you have any questions about the box customer service or would like to sign up just let any employee know. We’re all happy to help! You can also email us here.

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